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Transcription Process at Precise Global Services

At Precise Global Services, we have developed a Precise three-level transcription process that ensures an accuracy rate of 99%.

Level 1

Our professional transcriptionists first listen to the audio and understand your specific dialect, accent, slang, and other cultural nuances and prepare the initial transcripts.

Level 2

Our team of highly skilled Quality Analysts proof read the audio and will check for word-to-word and meet required client’s criteria.

Level 3

Our team of highly skilled Quality Controllers will recheck the transcripts for Quality and desired format of Clients before sending to you.

Get the Precise Global Services Dominance!

While there are many companies offering Transcription Services, only we Precise Global Services can you get the following advantages,

Outstanding Quality Output:

Quality is what sets us apart. We provide Transcripts with a 99% accuracy rate that ensures that you are left with a quality transcription for all your business needs.

Quick Turnaround Time:

We understand that you have the pressures, demands and busy schedule as a professional. Your first step toward rapid, accurate, and affordable dictation and transcription services is talking to us about your project volume and your needs. As we are in India, that helps you get your audios worked on overnight and deliver. So, we guarantee 24-hour turnaround time.

Cost-effective Pricing and Flexible Plans:

We offer some of the most cost-competitive pricing in the transcription industry with flexible plans where clients can choose to pay per minute or pay per hour. For large transcription orders, we also provide our clients with free trials to let you judge on how our quality of output is.

Please do contact us today with your Transcription needs.