What We Do

Our Transcription Services

Precise Global Services, offers a wide range of Transcription (speech to text conversions) & Captioning/Subtitling Services. We have worked with clients from the USA, UK, India, etc. We provide accurate and easy-to-read transcripts. We do provide below listed transcription services,

General Transcription

  • General Discussions Transcriptions
  • Focus Group Transcriptions
  • Phone Call Transcription
  • Industries & Political Transcriptions
  • Market & Research Transcriptions
Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription

  • Research interviews
  • Radio interviews
  • One on One Interviews
  • Multiple speaker transcriptions

Medical Transcription

  • Emergency room reports
  • Surgery notes.
  • Patient charts.
  • Teleconference notes
  • Operative reports.
  • Clinical summary.
  • History and Physical reports.
  • Medical records summary.
Business Transcription

Business Transcription

  • Conference call transcription
  • Meetings
  • Dictations
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • Teleconferences
  • Scripts
  • Manuscripts
  • Focus groups

Captioning & Subtitling Services

Subtitling Services

We at Precise Global Services recruit, knowledge, experience, expertise, and a team of professional subtitlers, we make sure that our client gets exclusive subtitling services which are precise, accurate, and meaningfully adapted in the target languages.

We have been providing subtitling services for various categories of videos for Films, web series, TV shows, Lectures, Webinars, Training videos, Presentations, Facebook Videos, Ads, Promotional content, etc.

Captioning Services

Our finest Captioning services help viewers understand what is being spoken in a video that also includes the sounds that are important to the context. It helps to present a text version of the sounds (e.g. dog barking in the background, thunderstorm, door knock, gunshots, etc.) and words spoken. We generally see the captions on online videos, television, and in educational settings.


The most commonly used method of captioning is a closed captioning. This offers audiences
with the option of showing captions brought with the broadcast signal and allows the audience
to turn on or off the captions. This is done at the point of viewing by “opening” the closed
captions. Content with closed captioning is generally defined by the closed captioning [CC] sign
in program manuals, web streams, and on DVD / video covers.


In open caption’s everyone gets the message at times. Open captions will help to display the texts on videos on a permanent basis and that’s why it is also called as “burned in” or “hardcoded”captioning. Open captions can be provided in various fonts and types that are perfect for public places or activities, and videos on platforms like YouTube channel and Vimeo.

Multilingual Transcription

Precise Global Services is a one-stop-shop for transcription services based out of Hyderabad, India with over millions of audio/video minutes transcribed for its customers from various industries into various Indian languages. We are your entrusted source for meticulous and quick transcription services. Our multilingual transcribe experts come from a multitude of backgrounds to ensure that your transcript expectations are met to perfection. In fact, our main objective is to provide proficient and experienced transcription services to you by guaranteeing 99% accuracy.